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It's possible to start various test execution engines from ANT. If not from the command-line. Starting is not the problem. Gathering the test result information is the issue.
With the ANT-RQM integration you can start a RQM test, from ANT. That results that any test results are captured by RQM! This way you can use RQM Reporting options on any test. A comprehensive overview of the testing efforts is the result.

  1. ANT -> RIT
    Quick - reports back in Ant-Build-log
  2. ANT -> RQM -> RIT
    Time dependancy, testers managed test (suites), test reporting include results
  3. Successful RTC Build triggers RQM Suite execution

When tests are executed in the context of IBM CLM you can generate reports, see Reporting

ANT start a RIT Test

This is possible. Make note that summary results of pass/fail are visible in the ANT-log. Details test-run results are not stored in RTCP. Make use of a suite.

ANT start a RIT Suite

Defect You need ant 1.8.2 if you are using the URL link from ANT/Jenkins. See Rational Integration Tester Fix Pack 2 ( for 8.5.1

Downloading older ANT versions

Sample ANT script generated by RIT JKE Holidays-MakeFlightBooking-Suite-build.xml This example references a SUITE, which has 2 advantages:

  1. The test results are stored in RTCP
  2. The test contained in the suite is managed by the testers.
HINT If you want to store results in RTCP, use a suite!!

See jenkins to view some pictures.

ANT start a RQM Suite

Warning If you have RQM and RTC check out the other option: RQM Schedule triggered by a successful RTC Build.

You need the RQM-Execution-Tool to execute ANT->RQM tasks.

Piece of rqmexec.xml file:

<property name="rqmUser" value="al" />
<property name="rqmPassword" value="al" />
<property name="rqmUri" value="" />
<property name="rqmProjectName" value="JKE Holidays (Quality Management)" />
<property name="testSuiteERId" value="53" />
<property name="testCaseERId" value="72" />
<property name="scriptId" value="1" />
<property name="adapterId" value="3" />

<target name="all">
	<echo message="${rqmExec:verdict}" />
	<echo message="${rqmExec:result_url}" />

Complete file: rqmexec.xml

Remark: The userid/password is the same as the userid/password of the RIT-adapter. If that's the case, the following command results in success. If the userid/password is different than the suite execution will fail.

The issued command is:

	ant -file rqmexec.xml -lib <location_where_this_is>/RQMExecutionTool.jar

See RQM documentation:

ANT start a RTVS Stubs

Within ANT it's possible to start a CMD-line to execute other programs. This can be leveraged to start/stop stubs.

<exec executable="cmd" os="Windows XP">
  <arg value="/C"/>
  <arg value="command to run"/>

See: RTVS Start Stub ANT
Source: Stackoverflow

Check the RTVS page.

Other Resources

RIT has an option to generate ANT scripts.