CLM - Collaborative Lifecycle Management which is implemented by the 'core' JAZZ products like DNG,RTC and RQM.

Many 'things' are shared across the whole CLM product line.

CLM - Installing

DB2 Creation

Follow the manual of DB creation . One can use the file referenced here. Rename it to cmd and use it in a DB2 command prompt to create 'default' CLM databases.

DB2 Creation Documentation

Some files with db2 command examples. An option is to rename these to .bat file and use them as a batch.

CLM Installation

After installing the code you must start the server and configure the server using the following URL:


When installing with IIM you can use the Express Install when using a Derby Database.

Sample user:

User: clmadmin
Password: clmadmin

Importing and Assigning License

Assign a CLM Practioner license to create the JKE Banking Example. You can leverage the Trial licenses. After 60 days period the license will expire.

Figure: You can activate the 11 Trial licenses.

In the license window you can always enable the unrelease trails or add new licenses.

Figure: Assign the CLM Practioner license to the clmadmin to create the JKE Banking example.

See also RQM - Local Install.

Expired license License

When using temporary (trial) licenses, over time, a message will pop up that the licenses will expire. Attention is needed for this situation. A normal license should be imported. That license should be assigned to the users. When done you can remove expired licenses.

Figure: The message in the webclient that at least 1 license is (nearly) ended.

The message was caused by a expired trial license.

Figure: The license causing the error.

By removing that specific license (e.g. expired trials) the message will disappear.

Figure: Removing the expired licenses.

CLM Links

Jazz Server


Doors NG






L Query Engine


Reporting Server




Online help:


Other Sources

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