Downloading old versions

For compatibilty reasons you might want to download and install older versions of Firefox.
Older FF releases
An example of directly downloading is:

Prevent Auto Updating

The IBM tools (and other non-IBM tools) might not work with the latest and greatest versions of a browser. Check for support of your level. A issue is the auto updating of the browsers. Below is described how you can disable the auto-update of Firefox.

There are several ways:

  1. In the Microsoft Services, Mozilla Maintenance Service set to "Disabled".
  2. Settings (but than you have started FF already):

    Select the Update tab and "Never check for updates".

  3. Alternatively, based on the work published here.
    1. You must set these prefs in about:config to disable automatic updating: - false
      app.update.enabled - false
      app.update.silent - false
      app.update.service.enabled - false

Rest using Firefox

There are several versions to use REST calls in Firefox.

Firefox using the URL

An example URL to get the XML of a Work Item.[contextId=_h1ryUHRHEeGZ06KwudyaEQ%20and%20id=61545]/*/*

Figure: You can paste the URL directly in de Firefox addressbar.

When using View Source you see the actual XML.

Rest using Poster

Manually sending/receiving REST requests can be done with the Firefox Poster plugin. This is how I use it:

  1. Login in a normal way using the GUI (and the credentials of the user you use for RPE)
  2. In Poster, add the following header before sending data.
    accept text/xml
    accept application/json

    When doing a post this option of Content-Type

    Figure: PUT a JSON message

  3. Enter a URL to interrogate:

    Add the "Quality Management" to the url, the () are replaced with %28 and spaces are + ...
  4. Use the GET button.

RIT Stub testing using Poster

You have to define additional header fields in the SOAP message:

The actual poster URL should be pointing to the active proxy.

Figure: Testing addnumbers-stub using poster.

Figure: Header properties for testing the stub.

You can hit the stub directly by using the location as shown in the proxy rules. (location with a high )

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