Busines Goal: Faster Delivery
Note! These 'goal-pages' are initial thoughts. Work is in progress. I'm open for comments.

Why that goal?

Faster Delivery is only possible by eliminating (or at least minimizing) manual interaction. Any change in code (which is including test-ware) should be processed automatically. A change must be implemented from human interaction to creation of processes which can be automated.

Where are we now

Often pieces of the delivery lifecycle are automated. For example some automated test, a buildserver etc.

What's the target

A very respectable, very senior colleague once said "An organisation can improve 2% yearly, maybe 3% ..." Just to set expectations. Maybe on sub-goals you might aim for a higher percentage. But don't confuse a 200% increase when introducing automated testing with a organisation improvement!
An other thought is, maybe you will improve 2% this year, but next? Can you improve year over year? With Rational you can! This because we have so many area's where we can add improvements. Gradually step by step, as fast as an organisation can absorb.

How to accomplish

Best is to optimize you process supported by a solid team architecture: Jazz or at least OSLC integrations.