Goal: Test Early
Note! These 'goal-pages' are initial thoughts. Work is in progress. I'm open for comments.

Why that goal?

The business wants to have quick implementation of new capabilities into production (see fast delivery). One building block of accomplish this is to implement "test early". Not really a business goal, but it's at least a goal. Sogeti calls it the "PointZERO® Vision" And it's one I like most! By test-early you solve many issues in one go! Tipical are:

  1. Late feedback because of late testing
  2. Conflicting tests with other testers
  3. High demand on expensive acceptance test environment

All resulting in a 'slow performance' and a high cost of development.

Where are we now?

Are tests done at the right stage of the developement. Are we limited by availability environments.

What's the target

Execute tests as soon as it's possible. Sounds simple, in fact it is. Only my observation is that many tests are executed in an acceptance test environment! It's the 'first' environment where integrations can be tested because a critical combination of environment, software and data is available. Next that it's late in the lifecycle, many other testers and developers are also poking around on the acceptance test. In some cases the tests are conflicting. For example a faulty responce? How's that tested?
There is room for improvement today! I would go for the 'test as soon as possible'. So we have to give testers and developers a different environment. Such an environment that they can do their tests without being in conflict with other testers or developers!

How to accomplish

Intoduce Test Virtualization in your development environment. Make it part of your CI/CD.

  1. Test Virtualization
  2. Continuous Integration
  3. Continuous Delivery