Getting Started?

"Before you can test software, you must have clear requirements" is often heared. Some say that's one of those test-laws. Still testing is started and executed having no requirements. That's real life.

Here I define several 'building' blocks which can be used as a starting point. There are certainly dependancies between the various building blocks, but what seems logic might not the right start from an acceptance point.

The proposed steps are NOT a good start for building a production environment. Contact your software supplier for this. These steps gives an evaluation environment. In such an environment one can evaluate the general functionality. It might be customized for analyzing specific features. It's a jump start.

Starting the starting

Suppose you have nothing. This never happens. There are always some initiatives to test or come to an acceptable quality. Some area's of concern:

  1. Management support - Don't start without it.
  2. Get in contact with your collegues (developers, infrastructure, management etc). Software delivery is a team-sport.
  3. Define an iterative improvement process with fixed evaluation meetings (e.g. end of a 2nd week).
    Be ready to adapt and change. Be ready to explore, fail and win!
  4. RTC can be used to have a shared defect management system.
  5. Start with RQM leveraging a very simple plan and simple test cases.
    Get experience with that.
    Any large or complex effort will kill this initiative.