IBM Installation Manager


Download can be done from

Check for updates regulary!

IBM Installation Manager is a tool to support the installation of the compound installation of the Rational and More IBM products. You must install IIM before you can install e.g. RQM or RTW.

Any IBM Rational installation will start with the installation of the IBM Installation Manager. This program will guide you with installation. For example conflicting Eclipse environments when you want to add an other plugin.
You can obtain a Installation Manager by downloading a Web Installer
IIM might be in the files agent.installer.win32.win32....

Best structure for ZIP files

Suppose you've got various extracted zip-files from the download. A zip file may have a name like "IBM Rational Test Workbench". Unzip these and move the contents 1 directory up!

Note! Move zipped directory in 1 level up!!

Combine them in a directory structure like (RTW85 as an example):

This way iim will find all repositories automatically. The directories XX_SETUP are needed when installing RTW.
Note! RPT files are not up to the standard.
  1. First RPT.iso, use Winrar or other packages to unzip.
  2. Futhermore you must create manually the /RPT/disk1 directory to store the unzip files.

For example the RFT-files were packaged in The needed /RFT/disk1 directory is located in this zip file.

You can reference any IIM Repository on forehand on different locations using:

File > Preference

Point to disk1/diskTag.inf.

Note! For un-installing software you might need the installation repositories. Keep copies of your repositories!

You can not upgrade IIM-32bit to IIM-64bit. When uninstalling IIM it will demand that you uninstall all applications.

Combining Repositories

You can combine all repositories to one using the Package Utility. The result is that for example you have the files for an Eclipse installation only once. You can have multiple release of a product in one combined repository.

IIM Updates

Make sure you've selected this option in the preferences to see IIM installation updates.

When having the installation files, you might want to reinstall again IIM (e.g. when it broke). Use

install.exe -reinstallIM

A colleague experienced that he was not able to install IIM on a clean (!) machine. After a windows-reinstall a backup was restored giving him his files. IIM was not able to install because there were IIM file s in C:\ProgramData !! Make sure this directory is empty from Rational files.

IIM on Linux

Installing applications on a 'server' Linux might result in the fact that there is no graphics (e.g. GNOME) installed. Furthermore you might not have full admin rights to install. To overcome two tips:

  1. Install IIM in Console Mode:
    • Administrator mode
      ./installc -c
    • Nonadministrator Install Console Mode:
      ./userinst -c
  2. Install packages in Console Mode
    cd eclipse/tools
    ./imcl -c

Figure: IBM Installation manager in console mode.

Note: The RPT-agent can not be installed using this console mode.

Check the documentation for full correct details on IIM Documentation

IIM on MacOS

IIM can be found in Applications > IBM > InstallationManager > eclipse >

To install IIM one can use:

export DISPLAY
cd InstallationManager
sudo ./install
Warning! The IIM from the Enterprise Deployment did not install correctly (184).

I experienced that the IIM from the Enterprise Deployment did not install correctly (184). The installation of RTW_SETUP did install a version of IIM correctly. It can be started as an executable. The menu’s do work, only after activation of any other non-IIM window.

I experienced that the menu (eg. file) of IIM did not work directly. By selecting first an other application, the menu of IIM will work afterwards

IIM on zOS

IBM Installation Mgr

Silent Install

Unzip the IIM in a directory. Keep this directory short, while long directory names like "My Document" will result in a unzip error.

To install IIM silently enter the following command:

		installc.exe -acceptLicense

Alternatively you embed the following xml line:

<agent-input acceptLicense='true'>

See documentation

Example of files to silently install RTW/RTVS can be retrieved

It contains:

Make a UNZIP directory and unzip the software packages.
Check the license.opt file to point to the right license server
If you delete the version variable in the recording the 'latest' available will be installed.

		cd /InstallationManager
		./installc -c
		cd /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools
		./imcl input RIT90.resp -acceptLicense

Package Utility

The package utility give you the ability to merge various repositories to one. This gives the option to e.g. group all software of RTW V1 and RTW V1.1 into 1 repository. Any duplicate files are than removed from the repositories. This can save a lot of diskspace. Additionally you can create 1 repository for "Test Client" with all the test client modules and one "Test Server" with all the server modules. contains the repository list.

Other sources

  1. First Installation Preparation