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IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions

How ICSS is used to develop ICSS. Eat your own dogfood

IBM Cloud Private

Create your own Kubernetes cloud within your company with IBM Cloud Private.


IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions

ICSS now support Power/AIX from the Cloud!

A great solution for creating quick and efficient Cloud solutions for development and test environments. I'm currently working on this environment and I like it. The IBM demonstrations cloud is based on this solution. Quick creation of fully functioning environments. Everybody his own cloud is possible!


IBM Cloud Lite

Give IBM Cloud a try, 30 days limit is removed.

IBM Cloud

z Systems Development and Test

IBM z Systems™ Development and Test Environment V11 (formerly known as IBM® Rational® Development and Test Environment for z Systems™) delivers role-based, self-service tools that empower your team to create z/OS® application images and automatically deploy the agreed-upon images for development and test activities.

IBM's Cloud Lite
Free of Charge

The Starter Editions are based on the same software. Usage is Free of charge and Never Expires. Check for more details:

IBM Test Workbench & Urbancode News
RIT 9.1.1

New features provide new levels of productivity and connectivity. Please see the following short blogs for highlights on the new capabilities:

  • Ramp up your functional testing with Test Workbench 9.1.1: Functional Testing
  • Unparalleled protocol support – Bringing API and Performance Testing together: API Testing
  • Power up your performance testing with Test Workbench 9.1.1: Performance Testing
  • Improve mainframe testing with an upgrade to Test Workbench 9.1.1: Mainframe Testing
  • Check out the new reporting in RTCP. Now covering all RTW products: RTCP Test Reporting
IBM's Standard Editions
Free of Charge

The Starter Editions of the testing tools are based on the same software. Usage is Free of charge. It has no data or time limitations, and is intended for anyone who wants to get started quickly creating and running both stubs (virtual services) and tests.

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In line with a role change this site will focus on "Quality in the complete Delivery Lifecycle".

The Continuous Testing Community!

DevOps Tester Blog

The DevOps Tester is a blog written by several IBM collegues. They share their experience of their day to day work. The author of this website participate in that blog.


New Dummies

Brand new! Continuous Testing for Dumies, gives an initial insight to the challenge. Further depth is covered in various topics like:

  • Managing Tests
  • Automating Tests
  • Creating Test Environments
  • Test Virtualization
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