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Why use IBM ALM?

It's possible to start various test execution engines from ANT. If not from the command-line. Starting is not the problem. Gathering the test result information is the issue.
With the ANT-RQM integration you can start a RQM test, from ANT. That results that any test results are captured by RQM! This way you can use RQM Reporting options on any test. A comprehensive overview of the testing efforts is the result.

For test execution:

  1. Jenkins -> ANT -> RIT
    Quick - reports back in Jenkins
  2. Jenkins/RTC -> ANT -> RQM -> RIT
    Time dependancy, testers managed test (suites), test reporting include results

For stub starting/stopping:

  1. Jenkins -> ANT -> RTVS
  2. Jenkins -> CMD -> RTVS

To view the results of Rational Integration Tester tests run in Apache Ant in Jenkins install the RIT Jenkins Plugin. Jenkins is probably installed as a service.

Figure: Jenkins Home with several Build projects.

Figure: RIT Script as a part of ANT build

Figure: RIT Console output of a Suite.

Figure: RIT Console output referencing the RTCP result details.

Make note that for a correct 1 line URL to the results, ANT 1.8.2 is needed (not newer).

With Jenkins/CMD line you can start/stub a RTVS-stub. Check the RTVS page.


Tip! This is a Rational Quality website, not a Rational Build website.

You can combine the power of Jenkins and RTC. Check the Youtube video and the WIki pages.

Basic Jenkins project integrated with RTC

See more on RTC Build

Other Resources

RIT has an option to generate ANT scripts.

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