Simultaneous Session

Simulaneous Session Description

The Simultaneous Session license is managed by a license manager. When the application is started the Simultaneous Session license is obtained from the license manager (equally to floating user). The license is targetted to server applications. In the case of RTVS or RPTS such a license does not imply any restriction on capacity of the server. In other words, when e.g. a 2 core machine is not enough, a customer can increase the number of cores to 4 without contacting IBM.

The Simultaneous Session server is a licence metric for the Rational Test Virtualization Server (RTVS). When deployed in 'Agent Mode' the Server can be installed onto any machine of any size and is not limited by PVU measurement. There is no limitation on the size or number of virtual services deployed on this server; the only restriction is the size of the hardware available to the customer and the availability of a licence. Acquisition of a licence is via the Rational Licence Key Manager. When the Server is called upon to start a Virtual Service the Server checks if it already has a licence and acquires one from the licence server if it does not. On shutdown of all virtual services the Server releases the licence back to the licence server.

The Simultaneous Session license is managed by the Rational License Server.

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