Token Licensing Documentation

Check out this document:

A token license is managed by a license manager. The license manager has a (large) number of tokens. To use a token enabled application, a number of tokens is obtained from the license manager. When the user closes the application the tokens are returned. The essence of tokens is that tokens can be used to activate a range of products. This gives the ability to use tokens in daylight to use for interactive application, like Rational Test Workbench and at night the same tokens are used for executing a performance test.

Talk with your Rational Representative about this type of licensing. Same software, different license which gives customers lots of flexibility and financial interesting!
Next to the 'normal' license files which are to be incorporated in the license server you need an file for 'unlocking' the token options in the CLM environment.

In the Rational License Key Center (the IBM owned server to generate keys), get your keys and the

Figure: Get your file!

When configured correctly your should see the tokens in your license server. Something like below (actual customer example):

Figure: Token licenses in the server

In the CLM Server Admin > License Key Management, at the bottom configure the token license server.

Figure: Token license definition in CLM-server

Unzip te, you could see something like

Figure: Unzipped (example)

Figure: Use the Add to add the contents of the unzipped

Assign a token-license to a user, like

Scrolling down...

Figure: Assign RTC Developer-Token licenses to clmadmin

When it's in use you could see the following in the CLM license...

Figure: Token licenses in the server