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What to testWhat to use
Web ApplicationsRTW is capable to test web applications on mobile devices
Apps on Mobile devicesRTW MTE is capable to test Applications on mobile devices


'Mobile Testing' is far more than just automating a GUI test on a mobile device. It's the speed of development, getting the right requirements, interacting with back-end systems etc etc. It covers the whole lifecycle. Hence the full power of Rational and IBM Worklight can be unleashed. At every step Quality aspects can be addressed.


  1. RQM - for Test Management and Manual Testing of mobile applications.

  2. Testing of Applications on virtual devices and physical devices in the cloud (Perfecto Mobile, Mobile1).
    1. RTW
    2. RTW Mobile Test Edition
    3. IBM Worklight
    4. WQA / MQA - Mobile Quality Assurance

Following list is not (yet) complete:

 IBM WorklightRTW Mobile Test EditionRTW
LicensePart of WLAU/FLAU/FL/Token
Worklight ApplicationsYesYesYes
Mobile ApplicationsNoYesYes
CLM Integration via AdapterNo(*1)No(*1)Yes

*1 - You can make use of the RQM Cmd-line. The RQM-Adapter of RTW-full gives a deeper intergration.

Announcement: IBM Mobile Development Lifecycle Solution
An combination of IBM Worklight development and IBM Rational CLM environment.
How to test mobile applications with Rational Test Virtualization Server
Mobile Testing by Dennis Schultz
RTW/RPT - Mobile application testing with Rational Performance Tester.

RQM on Mobile Devices

Code now available! here

Other Sources

  1. Mobile Testing Videos - Thomas Suedbroecker