InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management

Subset and mask production data to reduce cost, reduce risk and speed delivery.

IBM InfoSphere Optim V11.3 delivers privacy and test data management for big data and the cloud

IBM Optim Data Growth Solutions provide proven database archiving capabilities that segregate and remove rarely accessed historical data from current data in the production environment and store archived data securely and cost-effectively. Archiving reduces the volume of data the production database and helps improve application performance and availability. Capabilities for storing archives on a variety of storage media enable tiered storage strategies for managing data based on business value and access requirements to lower storage costs. Archived data is preserved in its business context and remains accessible no matter where it is stored. In the event that historical data is needed for an audit, e-discovery or reporting purposes, archived data can be retrieved and restored selectively or in its entirety based on user defined criteria to support compliance requirements. Without an effective archiving solution, a data governance strategy is incomplete. IBM Optim portfolio adds Oracle database development support, extending administration solutions and enhancing solution integration

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Data Privacy

Here IBM Optim Data Privacy Solution lets IBM System z customers mask and transform sensitive data