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A Proof of Technology is a small-scale event where visitors get a impression of one or multiple products on a certain topic. This is done by a introduction by a presentation, followed by hand-on exercises with live software. This software runs in a demonstration-type setup.


Most if not all POT can be run successfully if you can work with computer with a mouse. On the other hand if you know more about a certain subject or product you might experience other aspects of get a few steps further into the depth of a product.

A POT is NOT an education

Participating in a POT will raise your knowledge on using a product or in a certain area. These types of events are NOT a replacement of a proper education or enablement of a person or organisation.
There is NO certificate of participation provided..

Cost involved

There are no cost involved for enrollment. Still you make an investment by travelling and participating. IBM is investing in preparation, teaching and follow-up. Furthermore IBM in the food and beverages. These topics and prepared computers are sized on the number of enrolled persons.
"No shows" are expensive for IBM.


If you are interested in participating into a POT, please enroll. A complete list of Events can be found on All Events

  1. If you plan to come, please enroll using above link.
  2. To cancel an enrollment, send a email to /
  3. Because of the leadtime of activities, changes provided closer than 2-3 days are hard to process.
  4. IF you have done your best, and things go not as planned, that's too bad.