RFT - Getting Started
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  1. Download code.
    1. Maybe you have already access to RFT as part of the RTW package!!
    2. You can download the trail code from here It will include appropriate IIM. That will give you the ability to start with RFT for 60 days. If you want to extend, please contact
  2. Install appropriate level of IIM
    To install RFT85 you need IIM 1631.
    First install IIM (32bits) before using the launchpad.exe.
  3. Use RFT

Some remarks:

RFT is an Eclipse application. The files are stored in a workspace. The workspace can be managed by RTC

Make Note! Yes, automated GUI testing does do things automatic and fast. Time after time. It's a great starting point. But it's not all....
You still need a good test design, you have to do test management and you have to create and maintain the tests. That's still hard work. Different work, but hard work!

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