RTW - Functional GUI Testing

The Rational Test Workbench contains the capabilities of automated GUI testing.

These capabilities are also known as Rational Functional Tester.

Tip! When testing new technology web-based applications you must consider WebUI.
Tip! 50+ Examples and tips can be found here ».

Two usefull lists:

  1. Supplement for supported software for Rational Functional Tester version 8.5.1
    Additional: Oracle
  2. Supplement for supported platforms for Rational Functional Tester version 8.5


Sample integration of RFT and RQM.

Your own Test Automation Adapter

RFT does not connect to RQM: In my environement I re-create often the RQM environment and define new RFT environments. This results in new id's which are stored in RQMAdapterOptions.pref file. When new environments are created delete the C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\IBM\RFT\RQMAdapterOptions.pref
If it still doesn't work, do check if the user identified in the adapter has sufficient RW authorisations to the project (eg Role assigned!).
deverloperWorks Article

Important directories:

RFT Book

RFT - Win7/IE8 Security

Want to share some experience on RFT on my Win7 system.
Due to the fact that I wanted warnings if there was a security violation, RFT did not playback on a website. Local java programs (like Classics did work). Solved by:

  1. Add the websites as a trusted site (running IE8).
    Tools > Internet Options > Security
    Trusted Sites > Sites
    Deselect "Require server verification.."
    Add your site to the list
    I once had to reboot before it realy became active.
  2. On a user level, switch off the warnings.
    User account -> "Change User Account Control settings"
    You may have to reboot Windows.

Test automation and continuous integration with STAF/STAX


See complete table on Installation Table

RFT is a 32 or 64bits application. Some 'plug-ins' might be only available in 32bit mode.


Enabling migth not go right (due to rights). When running your java program and gets the following error:

assistive_technologies com.rational.test.ft.bootstrap.Bootstrap not found

Copy the rational_ft_bootstrap.jar file to the $JAVA_HOME\jre\lib\ext

Similar to Technote swg21162704

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Clean up

run RFT with -clean

remove all files.