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Sync IIB

To sync IIB you need a valid user on IIB-web interface. This user must be identified on IIB and 'windows'.

  1. User on windows
  2. mqsiwebuseradmin om users toe te voegen.
  3. Add correct rights to the user

Switch on IIB Security

mqsistop <node>
mqsichangebroker <node> -s active
mqsistart <node>

IIB Configuration


You must add the RIT URL proxy (e.g. localhost:3128) to the WebService definition. There is no need to define RIT Proxy Rules in the registration.xml. IIB add's the host-tag in the httpheader.

Figure: IIB Example with the RIT proxy definition

More on http communication


When the MQ Exit is installed there is no specifics needed to record or to test the MQ traffic.

Make note that the request send to IIB will result in a publish and IIB will place a reply on a queue with a publish. So the recordings will get only publishes.

More on MQ communication

Creating IIB Test

When recording the recorded messages are for both the send and the receive a publish. The received-publish must be changed to a subscribe type for a test.

While saving the operation of both test the oration must be renamed.

  1. Start Recording
  2. Execute your scenario resulting in recordings
    This should result in 2 publish. One from the request and one as a reply from IIB
  3. Select the 2 QM messages
  4. Save as Test
    Change the name of the operation
  5. Change the 2nd message to a Subscribe

Other sources