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RIT can record on Local Queues and Remote Queues and Alias of a Queue.

Figure: Recording of an QM-Alias "MyTravelQ2"

Figure: Recording of the Operation "MakeBooking" and the Transport "WWTravel_MQ"

Example of flushing a Queue using RIT

Wrong Reply Queue!

You might experience that RIT sends it's reply back to the wrong queue. This can happen when the MQ definitions are changed but the actual application which sends the request not yet. RIT will, by default send its reply to the queue which is set in the requesting message!

Lucky for you, with RIT, you can define "Override Reply Queue" which results in that RIT will take the queue as specified in the RIT-GUI!!


Specific section on security and authorization

  1. Security settings for Rational Integration Tester MQ exit resources
  2. IBM WebSphere MQ Exit queue manager settings

Even you only want to 'get' from a queue, you need 'get' and 'put' rights.

Example script to set authorities: rechten-mq-20150327.txt


MQ Files

In the Library manager (also on the RIT Agent) you must specify the correct MQ files.

MQ Exit

The MQ Exit must be installed on each MQ Manager (windows / linux / zOS). This enables features like recording, stubbing en sift&passthru.

Other sources