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Formatting tips on the elements:

  1. Tips and Tricks
  2. RPE Elements

Tips and Tricks

Some tricks ...

Conditional Font Color

Depending on a field you can set a color. ( Formatting > Font > Font Color )

var color="000000";
if (testCaseExecutionRecordResult=="Passed") color="00FF00";
if (testCaseExecutionRecordResult=="Failed") color="FF0000";
Output exampleconditional.pdf
Template Sourceconditional.dta

RPE Elements

This chapter describes the definition of the appearance of an element (the behavior is described here)

These settings are defined in a style-element or in the properties of an element.


Several often used formatting settings:

  1. White space on the left - use margin-left

Table - Thin lines

An example how to use a table in RPE. Must come in the F1 example.

  1. Cell
    1. Border
      1. Color - EEEEEE
      2. Style - single
      3. Width - 1
Table border: Set it to 0 to remove the border (HTML only).
Output exampletables.pdf
Template Sourcetables.dta