RTW - Load & Stress Testing for web (RPT)

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Tip! RPT on Cloud

The Rational Test Workbench contains the capabilities of load & stress testing of web applications, also known as Rational Performance Tester.
The load & stress testing capabilities for webservices can be found here.

List of supported domains can be found Here

RPT needs additional load generating power of:

More information: here...

Figure: A external webbrowser can view active test runs and analyze test logs

URL Used (for RTW901): http://rpt-client:7878/analytics/web/index.html , Use 7443 or 8443 for https.

Once the report was not visble in RPT. This was due to an old IE8 on the system. After an IE upgrade it worked.

Using RPT


Figure: Configure RPT adapter to connect to RQM.

Open the Eclipse view Quality Manager Adapter to start the adapter connection.

Figure: In RQM the Adapter Console shows the connected adapters.

The reports of an RQM intiated run are stored in a separate project /RQM_Results.

RPT Redbook (Free PDF)

It's a bit outdated (V7) but still a great Free Book!
Redbook - RPT V7

DCI is IBM Data Collection Infrastructure. DCI should support all platforms that the RPT Agent supports, except z/OS.

Mobile application testing

The following article shows how you can use any mobile device to feed performance testing.
Article: Mobile application testing with Rational Performance Tester

The performance on the device it self can be viewed in the RTW client.


More on licenses can be found here.

Virtual Users

The RPT needs an additional license to simulate load. This can be the RPTS/RTVS or virtual users. The virual users are the 'robotic' simulators of a user on a web-page. So for 100 concurrent users, you need an license " 100 VU ". With that you can simulate 10 concurrent users, than increase it to 20 concurrent users etc up to 100 concurrent users. Assuming the application under test does not break...


See How to configure
There is NO "Windows (PVU)", only "Windows" will work nicely.
Additional remark on the definition of location:

In case of troubles check the C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP\Majordomo\majordomo.config file. You might need a manual start using NGSstart.bat.

Be sure that the Majordomo service is running!

Oracle forms with RPT

IBM.com Documentation developerWorks

Extends performance and scalability testing of Rational Performance Tester to Oracle Applications and reduces the time to develop performance assets
Coca Cola and Oracle

PT - Using Tips

Performance Testing using tips.

Define Correlation Rules

With RPT 8.2 you can define custom rules to search for literals and replace them with datapool variables. Here two images of a rule definition and the 'ajax-source' we want to target.

File > New > Data Correlation Ruleset

The rules can be defined (for this particular instance) like:

These rules can be applied while recording or afterwards.

TIP: Make use of the Regular Expression Assistant (icon next to Regex field).
For REGEX help check the online help, or within RFT help or internet&Google like here

Creation of a stub is part of RPT-SOA. I advice to use RIT/RTVS for this part.


To leverage the RPTS server from RPT you need to apply a specific activation kit.

Load tests using IBM RPT with three types of Agent Configuration

RPT on Cloud

RPT on Cloud
RPT on Public and Private Cloud

RPT Citrix

When you install RPT/CITRIX you need the 32bits version. All other modules of RTW should be 64 bit enabled.


PPS = Payments Per Second. One file with x payments or an other file with 2*x payments.

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