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Standard Setup

When creating a 'default' CLM project the RQM project has the following behavior:

The RQM Timeline is a differnt timeline than the RTC Timeline. Each project area has it's own. You can make them equal (manual sync). In some cases it might be interesting not to follow the development hartbeat, but a slower pace (e.q. end-to-end testing).
The value is the simplicity, 'single-layer' organisation, Agile.

Tip: If you use "YYYY-MM Month" naming, the iterations are sorted correctly in e.g. viewlets.

Manage this project area

Enhanced Setup

This enhanced setup is only needed when each (sub)team need a different timeline. It's highly advicable to have a single timeline. It's simple and teams are in sync. If teams are working on 2 and 3 week sprints, you are always 'fighting' on which sprint you are working.

This option gives you the ability:

Warning: You cannot revert this setting!

Per project you can enhance this mechanism by activating "Teams and Timelines". This enables to assign a test plan to a specific (sub)team of the project. The timeline of the selected team is associated with the plan. That limits the selection of only those iterations which are part of the active timeline.

Figure: Test Team Area where a "Backend Database"-team has a weekly sprints defined in the timeline FastFix.

Figure: Test Plan associated to a specific team

Figure: The test schedule is linked to the timeline Fast Fix. We are able to select only the iteration from that timeline.

The value is the team hierachy enabling more control who's allowed to work where.

Activation is done via:

  1. Administration (wheel top right)
  2. Manage Project Properties
  3. Time Area's & Timelines
  4. Select "Enable team area's..."
  5. Save

What changed compared to the standard setup:

Now each artifact (Test Plan) gets an additional field of the team it belongs to!
The Test Schedule is forced to used the associate timeline of the Team Area.