RQM - Test Script
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The Test Script is the step by step scenario or automated test execution.
The Test Script is the physical implementation of the test case.
The Test Script is the "how" it's tested.

Categories can be applied.

Script Recording

From the RQM GUI one can record a Manual Test script, reusing RFT recording technology.

Figure: Some settings to facilitate recording of manual test script.

The recorded test looks like:

Figure: The recording results in a "ClearScript" language.

Script using Keywords

Figure: A Test Script can be build from RQM Keywords

More on RQM Keywords

Where are my Comments?

In previous releases the comments were easily accessible via the icons in the tasksbar

Figure: Comment icons in the task bar

Requirements to Steps?

In RQM404+ these and other icons are to be switched on and become available on the individual step.

Figure: Comment, requirement icons in each step.

This enables to relate steps to requirements (and visa versa). Currently there are no known ways to report on pass/fail of each step other than looking into the details.