Rational Quality Manager

The Rational Quality Manager is the Jazz based tool for test- and testlab-management.
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RQM leverages RTC for defect and work item management. DNG is used for requirements management.

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Test Management

You can find a more complete list of features at jazz.net, obvious like traceability to requirements and development (e.g. stories, defects, builds etc).

Tip! You can use Ctrl-S to save Test artifacts and Work items

Some unique features I want to put in the spotlight are:

Check out the beta of the RQM-Offline on mobile here

Manual Testing

In some cases it's not possible to automate or it's not (cost)effective to automate. For these situations RQM delivers an integrated manual test environment. Test management, and thus reporting, is equal to manual and/or automated test execution.

Some unique features of the integrated manual testing:

Export/Import to RQM

Jazz.net - RQM Import

Figure: Export to RQM - Exporting one or multiple Excel files to RQM.

Creation of configuration files are key. Check out the samples and the Documentation
Small error in the Testplan_Testcase_Testscript_TER_Environment_Iteration_AllInOne.cfg file.
Improved one: Testplan_Testcase_Testscript_TER_Environment_Iteration_AllInOne.cfg - WI 125474

Figure: Export to RQM - After exporting (thus importing into RQM) Testplan_Testcase_Testscript_TER_Environment_Iteration_AllInOne.cfg.


Reporting is covering more than just test. So check the Reporting options.

Figure: A Basic Test Result report

Figure: From RPT log in RQM you can call the RPT console to see live results. RPT runs on client, web enables viewing.

Figure: Results of a RRDI report in RQM.

Concurrent Access

!! clmadmin (marc_van_lint@nl.ibm.com) started editing this Test Plan less than a minute ago.

When two people are trying to edit the same test plan (case ... etc) you can get the warning above.


  1. User: clmadmin
  2. Edit section: business obejectives
    Don't file.
  3. User: clmadmin2 (on a different computer or different browser)
  4. Open the test plan
  5. Edit the same section

Work Items

Alert! When you add a viewlet on the dashboard concerning Work Items, be sure you are selecting the viewlet from the CCM catalog before adding.

Select Catalog: Change and Configuration Management (/ccm)

Be aware that the 'normal' work items are stored in the RTC environment. The viewlets of the CCM will query the CCM. The work item viewlet from RQM will query the QM area. This will result in empty list results.

Figure: RQM Viewlets - The little icon identifies that the data comes from RTC.

More on RTC Work items and Quality Tasks

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