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The Rational Team Concert is the Jazz based tool for defect and work item-management. It includes also a integrated change and version management.
Tip! Check Jazz.net » for detailed information!

Repository Workspace

Some experience in creating Repository Workspaces in an Eclipse GUI.

Clear structure. One stream can have multiple components. A component can have multiple Eclipse projects. Changes are based on flows of change sets. When loading a repository workspace one can even select which Eclipse projects to load.

		Eclipse projects

As an example we use a stream of an application. The server and clients are separate components. The test projects are also in separate components. Add Compontents to the Stream New projects share into a Component

When a repository workspace is loaded, all the components in the workspace are copied on to local disk. How can we control what's loaded if a stream contains more than 1 component.

Figure: Top part showing Don't use New & Add here - it will change the stream

Make sure the owner is correct (I often put the ownername also in the workspace name). Be sure the visibility is correct.

Figure: Interesting part of the Workspace definition showing the flow targets, the stream.

When you select the stream you can select "Scope Components" which gives you the ability to limit what's loaded.

You can influence what's loaded on to local diskspace by

Figure: Identification of the components which have my interest.

By settings the right 'size' of a component and controlling the scope, you limit the incomming changes dramatically!

RTC Root Services

Root services can be fount at:


These are needed for example at the RIT-RTC integration.

RTC Configuration

Other sources