Rational Test Control Panel

The Rational Test Virtualization Server is the server to run the created virtual services created with RTW.
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The Rational Test Control Panel is the web interface to the RTVS. Is gives users the ability to upload/start/stop virtual services.
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Results of Suites (and their including tests) are visible in the RTCP.
The results of individual executed tests are not stored in the RTCP.
Javascript must be enabled in the browser to work with RTCP.

There is no license involved in using the RTCP.

A default location is: http://business.vanlint5.nl:7819/RTCP


Figure: RTCP 901 Metrics page

New on 901 Metrics documentation

Calls Received = Calls Virtualized + Calls Passed Through

Calls not processed by stub (no running stub) are not counted as received!

See also: RTVS Reporting

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration and Delivery
Note! Leveraging a RTVS-CI interface, the testers do not need to start/stop services from this GUI.

Delete Rules

If the proxy seems not to react, you might have a situation where conflicting or redundant rules are active in the proxy. Restarting the proxy does not help.

To delete (http) routing rules do the following:

  1. Select Agents
  2. Select Show Rules (top right)
  3. Select the Delete option at the right of each rule
    Take care you have the correct rule. Especially when you have multiple rules.


Install Results database

A database is needed to store results and information. The supported databases: DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL(jTDS).
It's not needed when you only want to use stubs (and not storing test results).

Configuring Results Database
Schema Versions

Install RTCP

Install RTCP

Be sure you add an inbound rule for opening port 7819.

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