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WARNING! This page is selection of differences between Selenium and RFT. Do not consider the one with the most ticks-in-the-box as the winner. It might, or might not fit in your organisation or strategy. Both products compete and complement each other. Use the information wisely!

Consider the following:

  1. This information is not complete (what is?).
  2. This information will contain errors or over time will be out-of-date.
  3. This information was collected by personal experience.
  4. Empty means I'm not sure

Selenium compared to RFT

The two products are aiming for the same, implementing a GUI-tester. There are a lot of similarities and differences. The common ground is not discussed here.

The list is not yet ordered...

TopicRFTSelenium WebRemark
Rational Functional TesterSelenium
Rational Test Workbench
Rational Quality Manager
Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE
Rational Functional TesterSelenium IDE
Rational Functional Tester
Rational Quality Manager
Selenium Remote Control
Rational Functional TesterSelenium WebDriver
Rational Functional Tester
Rational Quality Manager
Selenium Grid
IBMOpensource devworks myrft
IBM Rational Support (incl telephone support) & Web
RFT Page
Documentation Documentation Google give for both good results.
developerWorksUsergroup & Chat
Software Test Engineering with IBM Rational Functional TesterThere will be publications
VisualScriptingSelenium IDE has a recording option.Selenium IDE is a different tool than Selenium Web
Shared Object Map
I'm not sure how maintenance-reduction is addressed by Selenium. Utilizing a framework can be done by both tools in similar way.
Commercial (More...)
Apache 2.0 License
VS Studio
Eclipse Debug
VS Studio Debug
Eclipse (?)
Visual Scripting
Java, C#, Ruby, and PythonSelect 1 language, make it your company standard to maximize re-use.
Updated list
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Updated List
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer


Not developed by Seleniumhq:
Google Chrome

Mobile Testing is covered in RTW, RFT is part of RTW.

Sources for Selenium list: Documentation and Downloads

Web, Java, .Net, 3270 and othersWeb
Supported Extending / APIIt's opensource so you can add your own code (Make note of the Selenium License). RFT provides complete supported and documented environment. Much easier than OpenSource. Challenge will be to know in detail the objects you want to interrogate.
SupportedNot Available
SupportedCustom functions must be developed or additional package like Junit can be used.Make note that a jUnit VP halts the GUI script! Investigation is on-going.
Via RQMVia RQMRQM IS the only sensible solution.
Object Map
find method (Example)
find method (By functions)
Both support XPATH type of finding of objects.
SupportedMoreNot Available
Global level, interaction levelOnly Global, less options
SupportedPlug-in of browser
SupportedMust be programmed
SupportedMust be programmed


In RFT a little tool which helps you in grabbing the object, it's characteristics and the hierarchy.