IBM Cloud Support

IBM delivers various levels of support addressing the demand of various types of customers and issues. This page focusses on support for the IBM Cloud Testing portfolio.

Trail support

If you are evaluating one of our products using a trail licenses than you are entitled to get free access to our Support channel. While calling they probably want to know the IBM Customer Number (ICN), if you have you're fine, if you don't have make clear you are in a trail periode for a specific product.
Trial support

Not sure your are running a trial or evaluation? Contact your IBM contact.

Evaluation support

In case you are evaluating a product and for this you've received a evaluation license from an IBMer you should contact him/her for support. He can enter a support request on behalf of you. Contact can be direct between you can support, but the request (PMR) is entered by the IBM Technical Representative (using IBM Internal ICN)

Not sure your are running a trial or evaluation? Contact your IBM contact.

Free support

The various IBM souces on internet gives a wealth of information on products and how to questions.

Included Support

Note! No PMR number means there is No problem!
In other words, if you don't have a PMR number, IBM/HCL Support does not take any action.
Electronic Service Request (ESR) Portal

Over time this might become:


Normally and you can see it as a best practice, customers aquire "Subscription and Support" for each of the products they have. For that they get access to software updates and is an organization able to contact suppport in case of issues, problems or any question. They can ask what they want. There is no restriction to the number of questions. These questions are logged in a ticket called PMR (Problem Management Record). This number is important.

The PMR defines the problem and document the interactions between the various parties. It shows the history of the issue.

You can open a PMR for issues you might have with the software. But you can also open a PMR for a discussion on how to approach a problem, like an upgrade.

Over time the support will move to Salesforge. The PMR number will be have the notation TSnnnnnnn.

Main page: Support use Electronic Service Request (ESR) Portal!
Tip: Try the support with a small/dummy problem to get acquainted with the procedures. You can close your own PMRs.

  1. Contact Info/Phone 020-5133939
  2. Email: (Might be disabled when you have a ESR account)

Keep near to you:

Support on the ESR portal can be found on: ESR Portal More sources of information:

  1. Support Portal
  2. Rational Support Portal
  3. Support Handbook
  5. Uploading files for PMRs
  6. >What to gather for RQM Support

From the support engineer you should get a PMR (Problem Management Record) number. If you've got that number the clocks start ticking and the problem is known at IBM.


The compatibility report shows which levels of software are tested and supported. The 'source' tables are filled in by people. They are dedicated to quality, still the reports might contain errors. In case of doubt, contact IBM Support.

Generate Compatibility Report

Extensive support

You want IBM support to play an active role in your organisation? That's possible with 'Premium Support'. Please contact me for additional details.

IBM Cloud / Bluemix Support

Choose on of the following:

Download Fixes

To see the contained fixes do the following steps:

  1. Goto
  2. Search for
    FIX LIST <product name>

Software containing fixes can be found here:

Make note that you always need a installed baselevel and an appropriate (trail)license.

"Not Supported"

For every product a list of supported environments are supplied. For example the supported browsers for RQM. These can generated with Software Product Compatibility Reports. Supported means that if you experience problems with these identified software products you can raise a problem at IBM Support organisation. Equally not supported means that it might work, but IBM is unable to provide you support on this combination of products.

Clearly IBM does not support very old software. So there is a moment when a release get's 'out of support'. This is a well documented process and depends on many factors. A product is in support for many years. Many months before going out of support is will be published in the Product Lifecyle

Products Lifecycle

In case of doubt please contact support for clarification.

Enhancement Request

Depending of the product use one of the following communities:

  1. Other products: RFE Community
    Use this community for enhancements to the products:
    • Rational Test Workbench
    • Rational Test Virtualization Server
    • IBM Knowledge Center it self (not the content)
  2. Jazz based products:

Other Sources

Usefull and less usefull links: