Test Management
Test Management is the process to optimize the effectiveness and utilization of your resources.


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Why Test Management?

An effective test process (independant or embedded) has two goals:

  1. Focus your team effort on the high-value test activities. See RQM
  2. Reporting the progress. See reporting.

You might recognize a 'input' and an 'output' in these goals. To accomplish these goals you demand support from your processes and software. They are essential for an effective execution. Or in other words imperative.

A more comprehensive article can be found at Jazz.net: Five Imperatives for Application Lifecycle Management

Do I need Test Management in a CI/CD environment?

Yes, test management is also needed in a CI/CD environment. The execution of tests are automated, the triggering is, but the what should be tested (definition of the toll gates) and the reporting is still an Test Management task.