Test Virtualization

Services Virtualization

What is Services Virtualization?
Test Virtualization is the technology to simulate application behaviour. This eliminates the efforts, time and cost for installation of the actual application stack.
Why Test Virtualization?

Why is Test Virtualization that 'hot':

  1. Reduce Cost
  2. Reduce Cycle Time
  3. Lower Risk

More important why Rational?

  1. Long history of IBM / Greenhat software, mature software for complex environments
  2. A large, if not unmatched, set of protocols and virtualizations
  3. Integration into IBM Rational and HP Quality Center

What is Service Virtualization?

When to use Service Virtualization?

Services Virtualization is a technology where an application or system is 'simulated' by an model in RTVS. The model is created with RTW / RIT and deployed on RTVS. It is not a complete functional system, is behaves as the replaced system. It contains just enough behavior that certain tests can be executed in an earlier stage.

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