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Hardware Virtualization

Note! VMWARE does a great job on hardware virtualization. Rational Test Virtualization does virtualization on application level. It's different and they can complement.

VMWARE Desktop is the Windows product, Fusion is the iOS product.

 VMWARERational Test Virtualization
Do I need hardware/cloud/bluemix/ESX serverYesYes
Does need an Operating SystemYesYes
Does I need to install/configure applicationsYesNo
Does need to load dataYes, sharedYes, minimal set owned by tester
Complete functionYesPartial, what's modelled.

For more information, check: Services Virtualization

IBM VMware Partnership

Forbes Article


For demonstration we make use of VMWARE. Down here some experience in using that for demonstration purposes.


In the Fusion display preferences set:

Single Window: Resize the virtual machine ande the window
Full Screen: Center the virtual machine in the screen

Virtual Machine settings:

Single Window: Use Fusion Display Preferences
Full Screen: Use Fusion Display Preferences

Network Adapter

When using Bridged you can 'host' applications. The machine is accessible from the outsite. NAT seems to be default.

Switch off 3D accelerators

At the graphics driver switch off the 3D accelerator.

Going to sleep of Win7

Check inside the guest if the powerplan for the Windows 7 is set to set the system to sleep after a specified time.

  1. Open Controlpanel
  2. Hardware
  3. Power Options
  4. Change when the computer sleeps (left menu)
    On that page set "Put the computer to sleep" to Never