Mainframe Related Quality
  1. RQM support of manual testing and test management.
  2. RTW - RFT has the capabilities to validate 3270 screens.
  3. RTW - RPT has the support to do load-testing on 3270 communication.
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  4. RTW has the ability to virtualize CICS communication.
  5. RIT-MQ
  6. RIT-Cobol
  7. RTVS can be hosted on mainframe (linux).
  8. RD&T simulation of mainframe hardware on x86!

Continuous Integration and test virtualization in a mainframe world. Voor de volledigheid hieronder de directe link.

Movie: DevOps for Mainframe

Movie: Improving Application Quality

RIT and Mainframe Testing

Figure: RFT and the integrated emulator.
IBM z/OS application continuous integration: Part 1. Building continuous integration with Rational Team Concert
IBM z/OS application continuous integration: Part 2. Continuous testing at all levels

This European Working Group provides a forum for these enterprises to share their usage of Jazz and IBM Rational collaborative life cycle management tools within their software development environments, with other enterprises. The group will also be a vehicle for Jazz and IBM development to explain their product direction as well as the tooling itself. Through this face to face contact, a feedback mechanism for enterprises and development can be realized.

Other resources

  1. Redbook: Understanding Architecture
  2. IBM Installation Manager for zOS
  3. IBM HourGlass - HourGlass CICS Batch Time Management.
  4. Java JCL